Thursday, April 29, 2010

Win a Beautiful Glass Frog Pendant/Pin

Did you even know there is an annual SAVE THE FROGS day?  Yep, it's tomorrow and one of my favorite animals is the star of the day - a frog!  Actually, it's a lot of frogs - but not enough frogs!  Because all over the world frogs are endangered and dwindling in numbers.  Many species have totally disappeared.  Since I love frogs, and since tomorrow SAVE THE FROGS DAY 2010, I am having a special giveaway.  I commissioned Brad Peterson ( to make a frog in his glass studio for SAVE THE FROGS DAY.  Brad did even better - he made 3 of the them.  Brad himself donated part of the cost of materials and labor and I purchased them all (couldn't make up my mind!)  "Now what?" I asked.  I considered a raffle with proceeds to the Save the Frogs Foundation.  I considered selling all three with proceeds to the Foundation.  But I wanted to do something fun and still support the Foundation. 

I have decided to give them away!  Yep, free!  But there's a catch.  They have to have names.  Everyone who comments on this blog and names a frog or all 3 frogs will have a chance.  Tomorrow afternoon I will take all of the names to a disinterested party to choose the best name for each and an alternate.  When the names are chosen, I will notify by email each of the winners for their shipping address and promptly send them on their way.  Now, how does that help the foundation?  Using the formula I use for selling my own pieces, I will figure their retail value.  I will personally donate that amount to the Save the Frogs Foundation in the names of the 3 winners.

OK - 3 easy steps:  1. comment on today's blog by 3pm tomorrow;   2.  Submit your choice of names for at least one of the 3 frogs, and  3. Be sure to leave your email address so you can be contacted when you win.

That's it! Now here are the stars of the show:

                                                                                        Large Frog Pendant

Medium Frog Pin

Small Frog Pendant